Be CPR Smart

Trained Students Save Lives

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a leading cause of death in the US—but bystander CPR can double or triple the survival rate.

How do we raise the number of CPR-trained bystanders? Train students in CPR before they graduate high school.

Training students in CPR can be accomplished with a minimal investment in time and cost. According to the latest science, trainees—including school children—can achieve acceptable levels of CPR skills proficiency in 30 minutes or less. That means in less time than it takes to watch the average sitcom students can learn this lifesaving skill.

Pierson High School in Sag Harbor, NY began its CPR program in 1994. Amazingly, 16 lives have been saved so far because these students used their CPR skills in the real world!

If the children from one school can save 16 lives, imagine how many lives we could save if all students learned CPR before graduation.

Be CPR Smart and You’re the Cure

"Be CPR Smart" is just one effort supported by the American Heart Association’s “You’re the Cure” campaign—a nationwide program ensuring that our lawmakers put prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke at the top of their agenda.

Our mission is to help Americans build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. You’re the Cure works to share our expertise and the experiences of our advocates with lawmakers to directly influence public policy and make our communities heart healthy.

Because you care about heart health, we’ll send you occasional emails about Be CPR Smart and You’re the Cure events and activities, heart health happenings, and legislative action that affects our mission.

CPR in Schools


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